Meet one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

Toroni is a village in the southwest of the Sithonia peninsula of the Chalkidiki prefecture and a municipality with the same name, with 233 inhabitants in total (2001). The main occupation of the inhabitants is tourism, as well as agriculture and fishing.

Toroni gave its name to the Gulf of Toroneos and played an important role in the history of Greece. According to Mythology, Toroni was the wife of Proteus, son of Neptune. Her children were killed when they fought Hercules.

Today's village is a small settlement with an endless sandy beach where bathers enjoy great comfort, while the sea of ​​the area is considered one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean !! The main feature of Toroni is that it is suitable for any kind of vacation.

If you want a quiet environment to rest you will find what you are looking for. Ideal for family vacations, for couples with a passion for exploration, for romantic couples who will find secluded harbors within easy reach, as well as for those on their own.

The Toroni beach is ideal for swimming in the clear blue waters and sunbathing on the clear and clear sandy beaches. Offers for beach and beach games and sports, such as tennis and Beach Volley.

It provides ideal conditions for diving, windserfing, jet skiing, fishing and much more.

Of course there is also the possibility of renting a car or motorbike to discover the sights of the area.